l have been away from this platform for too long.  While I have not been idle in the work of helping others embrace their super power, I have been needing an infusion of some power myself.  So I stepped back, and I stepped back, and I stepped back… before I knew what was happening I almost needed a map to get back.

That is what happens when you have a go at it for a long time without taking the time to breathe or when you go for a long time and it is time to reflect, review and revise what you are doing.  This journey isn’t a perfect one and I am honest with myself to acknowledge that first to me and then to you.  So my conclusion is; you win some and you learn some.

As 2016, slowly comes to roost even if I had not done all that I had expected to do, one thing I am able to tell you without fear of contradiction is that I did a few things that I had been afraid of doing for a long time.  More importantly, I have been able to take a good look again at what I have done and I am bold enough to review it to suit where I am at and to ensure that I continue to grow into my next phase and season.

So what about you? Are you holding on to the same old, same old, afraid to try new things or to delve into a new territory?  Well, I hope not!  Because in this journey and game, to continue to impart and impact, you must be able to pronounce some things dead and be willing to do the hard work of birthing what is relevant for the next season. This is especially relevant as we look into a New Year in a few short weeks.

To be able to do this, I suggest five simple steps

PAUSE – Take a deep breathe; even Jesus took time away from it all to gain strength for the next phase of His journey.  So once you ,feel like you are losing grip or something is off, just pause.  Note, however, that a pause is a comma and not a full stop which means that you should find make sure that your pause isn’t indefinite.

RETREAT – I have come to learn that as long as I remain right in the middle of my ‘doing’ I am unable to see the big picture.  So retreating is usually a great next step.  This time, I have taken a really long time away from work.  Retreating has helped me let my hair down, not submit to the pressures but more importantly, given others the chance to carry me for a while.  And of course, I have had time to speak to God about all that I am dealing with!

PROCESS – In my journey, one of the things I know for a fact is that when we need to make a hard decision, we usually can tell, but because we can be both emotional and sometimes plain afraid of change, we refuse to process the thought.  The issue with not processing the thought is that we never get to make the decision regardless of how empowering it will be for us ultimately.  So while you are retreating, make it a point of duty to process what you face; be candid and realistic about it all.  This helps in getting you to an empowering and freeing decision regardless of how hard it might be.

PERSPECT – Gain perspective.  Everything is never the way you think they are from your first thought, glance or interaction.  Great leaders take the time to gain perspective.  This comes from asking all the right questions, speaking to the right people and taking counsel from other successful people on the journey.  Gaining perspective clears you of the emotional rubble that challenge your movement.  So remember to gain perspective.  Lest I forget, this takes guts and a dose of objectivity!

TAKE YOUR POWER BACK – The issue with displacement is that saps your power and others capitalise in that moment to mess with your dream.  So taking the time off to go through steps one to four is about one thing and one thing alone; getting your power back.  Once you have done all, please stand!  So now that you have perspective, how about you take back what belongs to you – Your Power!

Friend, I promise you that no image laundering or photoshopping on Social Media exempts you from this process.  So rather than allow others or even yourself think that something is wrong with the feeling that it is not working, intentionally take it as a cue that it is time to REINVENT. Beyond here, let’s go social join me on twitter @BidemiMarkMordi or on Facebook here

I promise I will be back soon so go…

Embrace Your SuperPower!




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