Welcome, how was your week? How is the dream-chasing going? No matter what it feels like right now, please know that this too shall pass.

Yesterday, I had cause to have two different conversations and after each one, I felt like God was trying to say something to me; He was telling me that my situation is not the worst case scenario that exists, so I ought to be grateful.

What is there to be grateful for, you might say? Well, for starters, you are alive! That is a lot to be grateful for. So many people, who have bigger visions and dreams than you, have somehow passed away in the last month; but you have been preserved. So indeed, you ought to be grateful for life.

Ok, so what else? Well, you have a dream to wake up to; and that too, is something to be grateful for. Why? You ask; considering it is the exact reason why all is looking bleak, you may say… well, let’s look at it this way. In my line of work, I come across weekly, a lot of people who will give anything to just be sure that they know what they should be doing. For these people, it is not so much about whether they are living the dream life at an optimum, as it is about the fact that they just want to know that they are living as they should. So again, there is something to be grateful for; at least you know why you are here, even if it is a really hard day being here.

What else? I can hear you ask, is there to be grateful for? Well, the truth is that I don’t feel much like gratitude myself, but I do know how far it is that this dream-chasing has come; so sitting here this morning, I am not looking ahead because it seems like it is all dark ahead of me. I am taking time to look backwards… I am looking into the past, I am calling into remembrance all the victories we have won in the past, and I am grateful that I was part of all of them. Looking back also affords me the opportunity to make fresh statements of faith, that if we have come this far, even the darkness we see right now will soon pass. After all, it is never dark forever. Morning always does come.

One other reason you may want to be thankful and grateful, is one I am ashamed to admit. I got in a funk and God used someone who had every reason to be mad and angry to encourage me! I was so ashamed when I found out that someone who had so much pain could still look up to God and tell him how wonderful he has been. What exactly am I gloomy over? I ask myself. Take a walk around, listen in on conversations around you, and you will be amazed how many people should be gloomy but are grateful… this will change your perspective.

Finally, I am full of gratitude today because I have been in a place like this before; I remember that two things happened then. First, it didn’t kill me, instead it made me better and secondly, it was an opportunity to put my creative ‘juices’ to use. If we scaled through then, we will most definitely scale through again today.

Now that is why I am grateful… why are you grateful today?

Here is to your success

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