I have been speaking for so many years, I speak at least once every week, yet it doesn’t seem like I will ever get to a place when I am no longer conscious and for a short time lacking in confidence when I step out each time.  Despite this reality, when people say they admire my courage and I tell them that I am one of the most fearful people they might ever meet, they almost always argue with me.

Why most of them say, they don’t agree that I have stage fright or ever lack confidence is because a few minutes into speaking, the fear usually recedes into the background and  God’s grace takes over and the rest, as they say, is history.

The issue with confidence is that it is not one of those traits that you either have or don’t have.  Yes, some people have a natural dose of confidence more than others, but everyone always have to build their confidence to be able to deliver on what they set out to do.  What most people don’t realise for instance about me is the fact that whenever I have to speak, I usually will, especially in faith circles spend the first five or ten minutes of the time I have in worship to help me loosen up but more importantly to build capacity within me.

From Moses to David, to Gideon to Jephthah and much more in the Bible, there was always a build up time in the confidence department.  The question is how does one build their confidence?

  1.  Make sure your WHY is strong enough
  2. Step up to the plate even when you are quaking in your boots, this gives you the benefit of experience
  3. Relish the victory of that one moment and never forget the feeling it gave you.
  4. The next time you need to do anything that makes you afraid, remind yourself of your last victory.
  5. Step up again, and get it done.

The more number of times you get it done, despite the fear you feel and face, the more confident you become.  So while we all want to be so courageous that we are never afraid again, the most confident man is the one who steps up to the plate regardless of his fears.  And never forget that as long as you continue to push to build your confidence, one day you may truly be confident… but even when you are not 100% confident, the practice of doing what you need to do is all the build up you need.

Till next time

Embrace your Super Power!


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