As Far As Your Eyes Can See

The year is fast coming to an end and it is a great time to begin to envision what 2018 will be for us.  I have been thinking about this journey and how clear we need to see before we set out, only to realise that for me, clarity has come in seasons and in phases. What this means is that I have needed conviction more than my second and third step in the journey. I now know that as long as I can understand the framework for my first step, and I am convinced it is for me then taking that first step is expedient to seeing the next one.

To begin envisioning, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I articulate this in one sentence?
  • Do I have peace about this.  Please note that peace and apprehension go hand in hand sometimes. Peace is an inexplicable certainty yet with the apprehension that this is new to you.
  • Do I have skills, training or experience to support and work this out?
  • Do I need anyone to go with me? If yes who is available to me?
  • What resources do I need and where do I find them?
  • Who besides me benefits from this?

Overtime, I have pursued my dream to live powerful, I have learnt that keeping it simple helps to distill the steps.

Yesterday, we celebrated our third worship experience at The Well.  At the beginning of this year, I didn’t even dream that I would be on this side of the divide but then here we are.  In pushing through on this particular one, we opened our doors on the 22nd of October, having only covered our bases with the basics. We focused on our short term win which was simply getting through that first day. Then we celebrated opening the doors and every day since then we take a small piece of what is required and we flesh it out. One big thing I am learning again is that Vision that will endure cannot be rushed! However,  if we continue to pursue as far as our eyes can sèe, before that track is over the next step will become clearer.

So should it be time for you to embrace this part of you, be encouraged that it is still one step at a time. If you know your first step,  then go do it! After which you do the next and the next. And oh, perfection is so over rated.
Embrace your Super Power,

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