The season we’re currently in is one of the most complex of seasons because it is filled with so many activities. On one hand, we’re gradually winding down and wrapping things up for the year and on the other hand, we revving up for the New Year. Things cannot be any more complex than that, can it? So much is going on and if you’re not careful, you’ll get swept away by the tide of activities and forget what is important to you, especially in this season.

Hmmmm… What really is important to you in this season? Have you thought about it? Or are you dancing along with the crowd and doing the things that seem “normal” for you to do right now? In the question lies that anchor that’ll keep you from being tossed to and fro. In knowing what it is important to you, you liberate yourself from the unnecessary and fully give yourself to the essentials of your life. It is as you answer this question of “what” that confusion takes flight and wholeness comes to stay.

I cannot overemphasize the need to be one with yourself. In our world today, there are so many distractions. Too many “shortcuts” to success keep flooding timelines and following the bandwagon seems like the easy path to tow. But on that path, you lose yourself and all that makes you unique.

Being your unique self is what gives you that sense of wholeness.  Oh, how freeing it is to know that you can be unique. It liberates you from the shackles of envy and jealousy; from the foolishness of comparisons and the treadmill of trying to “catch up”. When we are whole, we can truly and properly contribute to our community and our world, whilst successfully warding of the many distractions that seek to pull us in many directions.

Having a sense of wholeness makes you timeless. You stay relevant to people because you are rare and in class of your own. You live a legacy that eventually outlives you. You become a voice that people can tune into for authenticity and guidance.

That being said, what really is important to you?


Embrace your Super Power,


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