What do you do when you have discovered your gifts but you are either not in a position to deploy them all or are not sure how to begin living a powerful life with them?

Are you gifted in more ways than one and have been wondering where to begin? Are you on a job you know is not what you should be doing but are making money and even though you would rather move on, your other obligations will not allow for a while?

Then today’s podcast has definite answers for you. In this episode you will

• Learn the 3 different categories for your gifts.
• Recognise the difference between primary and leverage gifts
• Discover how to distil your leverage gift from your primary gift
• Understand how to handle or transact with your bridge gift or job
• Learn how to prepare and safely transit from your bridge gift (job) to your purpose
• Learn how to develop a work plan for your transition

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A word for word transcript can also be found here for your download.

Your gifts are meant to be gifts, don’t allow the frustration around deploying them rob you of the joy they can bring.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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