Your Vision is for an appointed time. Why not do yourself a favour by preparing for it while you wait? It will surely come to pass when you are clear about your function, prepare yourself and discern the correct timing.

Discover the amazing power of these three key elements that will change your life and perspective on your journey to destiny. This teaching podcast will awaken you to the process it takes for you to live your dream life or destiny.

In this podcast, you will

• Learn about functionality as regards to your specific gift or purpose
• Realise that you may have the same gift with others but have a different function.
• Understand the importance of preparing or training for your purpose
• Be sensitised to wait for your time and discern your season of fulfilment and manifestation
• Discover the amazing power of the 3 Factor – Function, Preparation and Timing, to live an
effective and powerful life.

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Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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