Success comes at a price; living the life of your dreams will cost you money, energy, relationships, etc. To have the life you desire, sacrifices have to be made and sometimes these can be costly. For example, building a world-class business will require that you quit doing things at your convenience and giving one hundred percent every time. This does not mean that you cannot have fun or enjoy yourself as you journey towards success

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They say that the journey of a lifetime begins with one step; my version of the saying anyway.  Now that you can see the future and are abreast of the steps you need to take, it is time to step out.
All that you need to do next, I promise is to take the first step and get to work on your vision. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is indeed simple but sadly, not many people get up and get to work. Some people are just satisfied with knowing that they have a vision and a plan. Taking the first steps requires energy, focus and consistency which all come together to birth momentum! This reminds me of a law of motion that says that everything remains in a state of inactivity till a force acts on it. Motion requires force or energy. This means that it doesn’t happen automatically, it is made to happen.

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…Put pen to paper!

It is not in doubt that you know that without Vision, you cannot have a productive nor impactful life. This is because vision gives a sense of purpose; a direction, which helps you streamline your life and get rid of those things that lead you no where near your best life.

Last week, I shared some thoughts about vision and how to actually develop a vision for your life. This week, our focus is on the need to turn those visions to plans. Aha! Plans… we can’t escape this important exercise.

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As Far As Your Eyes Can See

The year is fast coming to an end and it is a great time to begin to envision what 2018 will be for us.  I have been thinking about this journey and how clear we need to see before we set out, only to realise that for me, clarity has come in seasons and in phases. What this means is that I have needed conviction more than my second and third step in the journey. I now know that as long as I can understand the framework for my first step, and I am convinced it is for me then taking that first step is expedient to seeing the next one.

To begin envisioning, ask yourself the following questions:

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