A few years ago, someone said something to me that got me worked up because, first and foremost, it wasn’t the truth and I felt betrayed and mistreated.  Before I realised what was happening, I not only found myself trying to disprove them,  I also became suspicious of others and in that same breathe felt the need to be careful around people.

The truth is this person wronged me and for no just cause, the truth is, they hurt me in the process; however, the problem was with them and not with me.  But because I was hurting and I had decided that they had come to get me, I inadvertently declared a war of sorts on everyone and that was my folly.

As I continued on this war path, most of my allies were confused and the others irritated because they didn’t understand why I spent so much time on something I could so easily have walked away from!  But remember, I was hurting and hurting people struggle to be rational.  It was in this mess that God spoke, He said “Bidemi, don’t let them”.  Don’t let them? Isn’t it too late for that? They already hurt me, I wept.

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Do Not Be Afraid To Adjust

Welcome to another week. My prayer and decree for you is that the lines fall in pleasant places for you in all you do this week.

As last week rolled by, I started to think on how this journey all started and how far I have come in that time.  It felt like someone played for me a clip of my life on this journey and there was a lot to be grateful for. But then there was this one clip I couldn’t shake off, it was of me announcing how sure I was that in all I do and will do, there was something I would never do.

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I woke up recently and I started to think on a new journey I was embarking on. As I thought about it, I noticed a pattern. Most of my life in embracing my super power I have had to hold on to God and be taught by Him directly. This piece of information or realisation wasn’t exactly new to me, it has been the reason why I have stayed committed and pushed so fervently. 

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