Happy New Year!

I hope my wishes are not coming too late. Well, I just had to satisfy myself that I am able to stay away from this portal and not in any way feel like I am a failure, and I am glad I have been able to do that.
The truth is, in my heart I have longed for 2016 for a while. This is one year I couldn’t wait to get into. The crave to get 2015 done with and move into this new year isn’t because I had a bad 2015, but because somehow, I could tell that by the time 2015 gave way, there would be more meaning emanating from my life and the things I do that I just couldn’t wait.

Well…we are now in 2016 and today, the 4th, was our first working day of the month, and guess what I realised, the year already felt really old to me. Now, I cannot tell if it is because I have waited for too long to dive in or because of the number of things I already had to do on my first day at work. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: this isn’t a year that I would be sitting on my hands waiting for someone to come get me.

So what are the things I think we should all consider for 2016?

There is a lot I want to say but considering what I have heard from heaven, my words will be very few and it is my hope that you will receive understanding and push to consider at least some of them.

Here we go:

1. THINGS ARE NOT AS BAD AS THEY SEEM – Someone came to see me at work today and she had just listened to news before leaving her home. By the time she got to me, she was so distraught by what the news forecast for the year. As soon as she walked in she launched into a litany of the woes that are hovering. I had to let her know that while everything she had said was fact based, if she gained perspective, she will quickly see that even within those very dark prognosis lie huge opportunities for those who are looking for them. So even as the economists tell you everything that is wrong, will you step back and ask yourself the vital question, “where is the opportunity in this scenario?”

2. DO AWAY WITH GUILT – This is a very important consideration, at least for me. I have decided that even more than ever before, I will not be pressured by anyone else’s urgency in running in 2016. I will take the time to think through what I should be involved in or not. And once I am clear, I will not be pressured to feel like I failed for whatever else I am unable to do. I can tell you for free that guilt cripples you, not by freezing your steps but by making you run in circles burning energy you don’t have yet unable to hit the mark. From where I stand, it is better to do a few things well, than to try to do a lot with no results. So, I give you permission, strive to be guilt free this year!

3. BE GRATEFUL – As 2015 officially came to a close, one of those days I had been on my feet all day serving my family that by the close of that day, I was beat and my fuse was just about to blow. In that instant, Mark, my husband walked into the room and I had started to say what I would normally say in such circumstances when I suddenly heard myself say, ‘I am grateful anyway’. The moment I consciously said that to myself, I honestly started to feel better and from that point on, I kept reminding myself of all the reasons I should be grateful. In 2016, you will seriously need to see the cup as half full rather than half empty, and be truly grateful. Gratitude can do so much good to your frame of mind. So before you complain, why don’t you rephrase your sentence and let it begin something like, “I am truly grateful for… despite…” Try it, it works!

4. INCREASE YOUR SERVICE QUOTA – I love it when someone waits on me or serves me. The feeling is such a great one. How about you? Yesterday, I wanted to have a smoothie but I didn’t have everything at home to make myself a cup so I gave up and decided to take something else. But Mark heard my initial expressed desire for that cup of smoothie that he drove out to help find what would help me make a cup. By the time he got it and my daughter made it for me, even though it was just a cup of smoothie, it felt like heaven. However, as good as this felt, I am aware that one of the winning stance for 2016 should be for me to do my best to serve more than I crave to be served. My prayer is that I am able to take my eyes off me and focus on others more this year. After all, isn’t the one who wants to be greatest called to first serve?

5. S-T-R-E-T-C-H – What is your comfort zone right now? Remember, how I said that things are not as bad as they seem? Well, those who will see the opportunities resident in the seemingly bad times are those who are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones into their capability zones. What else are you willing to do, though it will stretch you to be able to yield some great return? Think! Once you find it, please stretch. John Maxwell calls it developing your reach muscle. So tell me, are you ready to stretch?

6. BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT WHAT AND HOW YOU PRODUCE – As 2015 came to a close, I was more than sure that in 2016, our productivity truly can go up. However, the fact that it will only happen if we are intentional was not lost on me as well. So coming into 2016, I am so sure that I would not be playing catch up or running on the same spot. I will do only those things that I have a WHY for and I will find my WHY for everything that I need to do. Intentionality brings clarity on so many levels but more importantly, it enables you to set yourself up for the success you truly want to see this year.

From my heart to yours, I honestly pray that your 2016 will be better than your 2015. From my stable here, because of the intentionality with which we are going to push this year, you want to watch out for some awesomely exciting things we will enjoy bringing your way and you will definitely enjoy being a part of.

I will really love to hear from you.  Let’s interact more, relationships make life beautiful.  Leave me a comment below or simply send me a message on my Facebook page here.

Till next Monday…

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2 thoughts on “2016: LESS FLUFF, MORE MEANING (BLOG)

  1. Dear Bidemi,
    I have missed you on this portal and particularly the weekly podcast which I call my ‘Monday tonic’.
    Thank you for the words of advice for 2016. I will definitely reduce and if possible eliminate guilt. Often, we try to be everything to everyone whilst forgetting that only God can be that and when we fail, we are consumed with guilt. I often ask myself: could I have done more?. But thanks to your advice- No guilt this year.
    I love the description of the cup of water. I believe the way we see life is how it plays out for us.
    I could go on and on because every point is very relevant to a fruitful 2016.
    Thank you once again and I will excitedly watch this space for unfolding events during the year.
    Bless you Sis!

    • Thanks so much Stella, I am sorry you missed your Monday tonic. Please look out this Friday, I am back! Glad to know you subscribe to the no guilt policy; I think it works. May God prosper your 2016. Blessings!

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