Hi guys

Blogging has almost become alien to this site.  I will be the first to tell you that not blogging was not a decision that I made consciously and still isn’t one I want to make.  However, life happened and I saw myself not blogging for several weeks and finally a pattern that I am ashamed to say is mine evolved.

That said, I will like to make the commitment one more time to say I will do better, and quickly follow up with the fact that this time, I am working on a plan that I will commit to so it might work.

Enough about me and my failings, how are you?  I am sure that most of us are still very busy trying to catch up with 2015 as it rushes to an end and are wondering if we will be able to tick all our boxes before the year bites the dust.  Well, I will confess that I have personally decided that while there is still a lot I can achieve in 2015, I have chosen to deliberately begin to rest this year and begin to honestly prepare for the next.

So how has your 2015 gone?  Again, I didn’t get to tick all the boxes and I know why… I had a plan alright, but it just wasn’t scientific enough.  A lot of curve balls came my way as well, and most of them especially in my business space I am yet to recover from, however, most of all, I take responsibility that I didn’t tick all the boxes because I was constantly playing catch up rather than set the tone for most of my time.

This is not a blog to cry over spilled milk but a blog to say to myself that I am in the process of review and I can definitely tell what I seriously need to address if I will have a better year in 2016.

So here are a few things I have done and I am doing…

  1.  I finally truly truly took a step back from it all.  I realised that I wasn’t helping myself holding on to the plate when I was burnt out and falling apart.  So I took the steps back, I took those steps so faraway that my phone has not rung in four days for more than three times!  My phone battery actually lasted two days!  That is a first in such a long time, I can assure you.
  2. I made peace with all my failings for 2015; real and perceived.  I just had to own up where it was necessary and tell myself really strongly that they were not who I was… Here is the thing, that is really hard for a High D personality like myself, but I did it!  I cannot tell you that my OCD tendencies are not trying to second guess that decision, but I can also promise you that I am sticking to my guns.
  3. I separated the seed from the chaff, and just looking at it all with perspective, I can tell you categorically, that while I didn’t do some of the stuff I wanted to do, I did do a lot of good within this time!  I did get a lot of results too… just wish I did it all.  (Hey, that is the OCD speaking again, I know…)
  4. I am reviewing what exactly I will do next year, who will do it with me, what training will they require, who else can help us?  The point is, I am looking at it all from a very clinical perspective.  Part of this is to determine what died this year that I need to leave dead and what I must work to resuscitate?
  5. I am going to put it all on the calendar…I will not play catch up in 2016, I will set the tone for where I want to go and I will write it down so that those who travel with me will read it and be able to run with it whether I am there or not.
  6. I am going right back to sleep because I tell you, I know I need the strength and rejuvenation for the journey ahead.

It is your turn, are you still running and playing catch up or will you dare to step back from it all and gain perspective? Do send me a message, it will be great to walk this road with a few of you.  Do you need a plan that will work? What if we worked on one together?  You can reach me here

You know what? The world will not stop if you do.  It didn’t stop when I did and guess what?  Those people could do without me after all, and I promise, they can do without you too.

Remember, I will like to hear from you here

Till next time…

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