Today I will just write from my heart; the goal is to encourage you to just put your hand to work and get on with your dream. So here are eleven reasons and I am sure you can find more why you must live your dream.
1. First, life is too short not to be intentional about what you are doing and want to achieve. Even this morning I have received news of someone in her prime who passed on; if she had anything to say about her life span, I am pretty sure she would not be choosing death anytime soon. Live well and live full! Life is too short.
2. If you don’t live your dream; earth will be missing a valuable resource in what God has equipped you with. Everything to make your corner of the earth a better place; is in you. Others may live similar dreams but none will be able to live it like you… so get cracking.
3. Life and situations will never improve to the point when living a dream becomes most conducive… honestly; it will never happen. If anything, situations may get worse and you will regret not starting today. So please start.
4. If you don’t step up to the plate; the one (God) who has equipped you for this life and impact will definitely hold you accountable. Not living our reason on earth is a total waste God’s resource and you don’t want to be that person who wasted God’s resources.
5. Other destinies are riding on your ability to live your own dreams. People you can give a better lease on life because you are; those who without choosing you, have been tied to your destiny by faith. Sometimes I imagine that if I don’t get cracking; I will not be able to bear the sight of them should I ever have the opportunity to stand before them. Others will be if you are? So are you?
6. Some people cannot begin until you have started. They are counting on your technology so they can use it as a take-off point. God has designed it so; don’t be the reason they couldn’t start; unless you want to be accountable for them too. Do you?
7. You will grow more, learn more and know more if only you start today. You cannot possibly be prepared well enough to not need to learn more; so starting will be a great learning curve for you. You will never find out what works or doesn’t no matter what others tell you; until you start. Get cracking!
8. I mean you were born to do this! This is the most important reason you made it to earth… how can you live and not fulfil the reason for which you came? What is the use of a car if it is never driven? What will your use be if you didn’t fulfil your assignment?
9. Your wealth is tied to this dream; honestly it is. No matter how rich you get financially doing anything else; true wealth which is beyond money in the bank but also a satisfaction that makes you know you lived; not just existed is found when you step out and do what you were designed to do! Do you want to be rich or wealthy?
10. The world will only make room for you if you make a demand on it. Your dream presents you with the platform from which you make that demand. From outside it seems like there is no room. But that is because you are still outside. Your place is there; just step out and begin to ask and they will make room for you.
11.Help is available to you when you step out. Every dream has helpers, midwives and collaborators. The reason you are still working alone is because they don’t recognise you. You are in the wrong place; how will they know you are the one they have been called to help? Step up and out and your helpers will come.
Aside from the fact that I am tired of seeing people moping around, waiting for some magic wand to be waved, I am also tired of seeing those who have no idea what it takes, move into vacuums that we allow to exist; and rather than help humanity; they make the earth poorer and weaker.
Today, I had someone come see me that will never have known that I existed, but for the fact that I stepped up and out. Your dreams lived via your gifts will make room for you and all you have ever craved for; you will become; Nevertheless.
Here is to your success.

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