Every once in a while, our perfectly laid out plans topple over and all we can do for a moment is stare at the mess they have become wondering what went wrong.  Some people quickly get to work bouncing back and regardless of how hard it is they find their way back.

Most people, however, never get up from that fall and therefore, begin a downward spiral to nothingness.  Maybe your plan is toppling over right now, don’t allow this one fall define you forever.  Get up, check why things went this way and get cracking again.  

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Review why the plan failed
  • Adapt your plans for course correction and redirection
  • Assess your resources to continue working while you make the now required change
  • Go back to your past success to remind yourself why and how you succeeded that time
  • Keep your attitude positive regardless of what your working through it looks like
  • This is your dream; don’t forget.  So others may quit but you should not!
  • The true test of greatness is adversity. This will not kill you, if you let it, you will grow by it.

You can do this!

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Embrace Your SuperPower!



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