Life is a journey and like they say can be full of ups and downs.  We usually celebrate the high points and view the low ones almost as a curse.  What if I told you that the low points are put on our path to qualify us for our next level?  Well, they are our Advanced Placement Tests. 

Today’s show brings into focus the usefulness of the APT as well as highlights the following:

  1.  The fact that we all we go through APT periodically
  2. That every test or exam requires a study of the appropriate material to do well.
  3.  Why it is important to not only prepare for the exam but also understand the question
  4.  How beyond understanding the question isn’t enough without the right answer.
  5. Finally, to also not forget that examinations come with instructions; so follow yours.

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Till next time…

Embrace Your Super Power!


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